Mom Didn’t Foresee Doctor’s Reply When Bringing Her Daughter In For A Check Up.

Mom Christine brings her 16-year-old daughter, Jennifer, to their family doctor.  The doctor asks, “What seems to be the issue?”

Christine responds, “It’s Jennifer.  She’s been gaining a lot of weight, having really weird cravings all the time, and has been very ill every morning.”

The doctor then examines Jennifer and finally says to her mother, “Well, I don’t know how to tell you this, but Jennifer is about four months pregnant.”

Christine cries out, “Pregnant?!  Not possible!  Jennifer has never had a boyfriend, or even been left alone with a boy, have you honey?”

Jennifer responds adamantly, “No mom!  I’ve never even kissed a boy!”

The doctor wanders over to the window, and stares into the distance.  Christine, looking for answers, waits for about five minutes until she says, “Um, doctor, what’s going on out there?  Is something wrong?”

The doctor replies, “No, nothing’s wrong.  It’s just that the last time anything like this happened, a star appeared in the east and three wise men emerged over the hill.  I’m not going to miss it this time!”